Wednesday, January 25, 2012

November DT project

Recipes seem to have become a theme around CC, so for November we were given one for our challenge.  The recipe was:

3+ pieces of patterned paper, any size. 
1 fiber (ribbon, lace, stitching, twine, hairy fiber...). 
3 metals (brads, charms). 
1 decorative edge.
 I had just printed some pictures of my DS's first sleepover at our house, which happened to be with his cousin.  So I decided that these pictures led themselves to this recipe.  Usually, if an event involves both kids, I try to scrap both LO's at the same time so they are similar.  And usually I use the same general LO and just change the pictures, but this time I found two LO's that I liked enough to alter to fit what I needed.

My technique for this one was to use my MM Slice to get the decorative edges.  On one LO, I used words to make a border between two portions of the LO.

And on the other LO, I cut a frame to highlight the one picture.

You can find additional information and details here on the CC blog.

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