Thursday, April 18, 2013

Pink United 2012 Raffle Items

This post is LOOOOOOOOONNNNNNGGGGG overdue!!!  Sorry ladies.  It's been such a crazy last six months, and my internet connection at home doesn't like blogs (I keep having to reset the connection due to all the pictures).

So without further ado, here are the items I had made for my SGK team (Pink United) to raffle off to raise money so they could walk.  I took the year off from walking, and crewed the 3-Day for the first time.  As a crew member, there is no obligation to raise money, so I decided to help my teammates instead.

I made five cards to make a set, dabbled with making matching earrings and bracelet, and made two framed quotes.  I even threw in a baby-sized quilt I had made for a friend a few years ago, but the baby outgrew it before I finished it (OOPS).

Here are the cards: 

Here is the jewelry: 

The first quote is: Everyone deserves a lifetime.  It's one of SGK's most recognized quotes (and my favorite).  Our team captain ended up "winning" this one, and all the team members wrote little sayings of thanks to her which I added around the perimeter.

The second quote was one I saw on Facebook first, and decided I needed to use it.

And the quilt:

Hope you enjoyed them.

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